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I believe we all have valuable stories to share, and that amazing things happen when we begin to share our stories. I help you share your stories online by offering affordable WordPress blog design, site building, and training services tailored to your needs. I want you to experience the power of your story.

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Mistakes New Bloggers Make

Three Mistakes New Bloggers Make

I see three common mistakes new bloggers make without realizing it. I know – starting a blog or website is sometimes overwhelming. You have a lot to learn, and you’re anxious to get up and running quickly. So, you look for some shortcuts, like free or boiler plate websites, or you blog on social media. Unfortunately, you don’t see the results you want from your new endeavor. It’s easy to fix.

Pinterest Share Dream Inspire

Why I Started Using Pinterest for Blogging Traffic Growth

I didn’t plan to start using Pinterest for blogging. When I saw a random blog post about how bloggers benefit by using Pinterest, it caught my eye. Pinterest is a search-oriented place where users go to discover ideas and solutions. While it is image-centric, Pinterest is also hyperlink heavy. This means bloggers have loads of opportunity to drive traffic to their blogs. I obviously liked this benefit.

Writing is like riding - living my story

Writing Is A Lot Like Riding

As I headed out on my weekend bike ride the other day, I noticed a familiar sensation. Just a few minutes into the ride, I felt my mood improve and my spirits lift. I get the same feeling when I write.