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Anyone who has worked closely with me knows I love LiveBinders. LiveBinders is a handy tool that allows you to easily create digital binders online to share ideas, resources, documents, or even a collection of other websites. Used extensively by educators and schools, LiveBinders is also a valuable tool for professionals and all types of businesses.

Digital Binders That Work

I discovered LiveBinders when I was on the hunt for an electronic binder system. I had collected a bunch of websites and documents I wanted to share with my clients in an organized fashion. Yes, I could’ve forwarded PDF’s and URLs in emails, or even set up a Dropbox or Google Docs folder. Yet, all of these methods lacked organization. I was not able to present the information in the manner or sequence I wanted. Maybe it was my history as a paralegal (paralegals love binders) that drove me to look for a digital binder solution.

When I arrived at, I knew I hit the bullseye. With a very robust free account, users can quickly and quite easily create digital binders that have the look and feel of a mini website. In fact, that’s what they really are. While I love Evernote as a personal digital notebook, filing, and note taking system, it’s not always that easy or intuitive to share those binders with the public or non-Evernote users. However, everyone seems to understand a LiveBinder. You share the URL, and people know what do with it.

What is a LiveBinder?

I think sharing a LiveBinder is the best way to explain what one is. This is a LiveBinder I created for my real estate practice as a Portland neighborhood guide. I wanted to gather a bunch of useful information about Portland neighborhoods to share with some clients, and this LiveBinder did the trick. My clients loved it.

Actually, this LiveBinder also demonstrates a danger of creating collections of websites to share! If you actually click through this binder, you’ll notice the links to the individual schools in Portland Public Schools no longer work. Obviously, the URLs for each school changed after I set up this binder a few years ago, and now need to be re-linked. However, the binder still shows the power of LiveBinders.

Create Digital Binders for Business

LiveBinders is actually a very versatile tool and helps you gather, organize and share information to distribute over and over again. Use it to share documents and all types of media. It is easy to upload PDF’s, Google Docs and even YouTube videos. If you take a look around the featured binder section for business at, you’ll notice that businesses like to use the tool for employee manuals, technical guides, or even tutorials. Once you start thinking a little creatively, you’ll find a variety of uses for the tool.

Featured Binders Library at
Featured Binders Library

Once you create a LiveBinder, you can determine if you’d like it to be private or public. If you set the binder to public, LiveBinders will it host it in its library of binders. This library is searchable, and has pretty good Google SEO. Periodically, people may find or stumble across your binder while searching Google. What a nice free marketing tool!

LiveBinders also selects “Featured Binders” to promote on its website. Even one of my binders appeared there for awhile. I uploaded Living Room Realty’s buyer’s and seller’s guides into a LiveBinder to share with my clients and potential clients. Check it out!  LiveBinders also tracks how many views a binder has received, and this one has had 4,124 views as of 6/2/2017. Not bad.

LiveBinders For All

If you’re industrious and create a lot of binders, you can even organize your binders into book shelves. Premium subscribers receive a bunch of other useful tools, such as the ability to embed binders, add additional tabs to binders, additional design features, and the ability to create an unlimited number of binders. Currently, a free account allows up to five binders.

If you’ve got any kind of information or expertise you share frequently, I’d really recommend you check out this tool. It’s super easy to use. However, if you’d like help getting started, just contact me for some training.

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