Use Canva to Easily Resize Your Images

There’s no denying it. Getting your images the right size for your WordPress pages and posts can be frustrating. But, using this little trick will save you lots of time and frustration.

Getting The Size Right

We’ve all been there. We upload the perfect image to our page, and it just doesn’t look right. The picture doesn’t fit on the page, or it isn’t the same size as the other picture next to it. We fiddle around with the image settings in WordPress with no success.

Well, the quickest way to success is to make sure you upload images with the dimensions you want. I’m going to show you how you can quickly and easily resize your images using the free design tool, Canva.

Use Custom Dimensions to Resize Your Images

First, you need to log into your Canva account or create a free account.  Once you click on “Create a Design,” you’ll see an option in the upper right-hand corner to use custom dimensions.

Once you click on Use Custom Dimensions, you’ll be able to type in the exact dimensions you’d like to use, for example 600 x 400 px. Canva will then create a design board using those dimensions.

Now, you can upload an image of any size to Canva, and add that image to your new design board. The image will not magically fit onto the design canvas.  However, you can resize the image to make it larger or smaller, and move it around to get it positioned exactly how you’d like. You won’t get the entire image to show in your new properly-sized version, but you can get it to look pretty good!

Watch this little video to see it in action!

What Dimensions Should I Use?

Now, you might be asking what image dimensions you should use. First, I suggest using the same dimensions as much as possible. For example, create a Canva design board for your featured images, hero images, headers, and blog post images. Then, just use the appropriate Canva design board every time you want to create an image .

Your web designer or theme documentation might provide you with the dimensions you should use. If not, here are some good sizes to try for your Canva designs:

  • Hero Image: 1200 x 800
  • Featured Blog Post Image 1200 x 625
  • Medium Sized Landscaped Images: 600 x 400.
  • Square Images: 500 x 500

Because every site layout is different, it might take some trial and error to get the right sizes. But once you have that figured out, just make sure to create your Canva design boards with those image sizes so your images look great every time.

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