Lisa Ratzlaff

Site Builder & Designer | WordPress Coach | Storyteller

I moved to Portland in 2007, and I immediately fell in love with the city. I love exploring the city by bike and by foot, and learning what each neighborhood has to offer. I also love meeting the people who live and work here.

In 2013, I started writing this little blog, Faces from the Neighborhood. While writing this blog, I discovered a creativity and passion burning inside me. I loved writing, storytelling, and playing around with WordPress.

Before moving to Portland, I briefly owned a litigation supporting training and consulting business. During my 20+ year career as a paralegal, I developed a passion for technology. I quickly learned I have an aptitude for it, and I taught myself how to use litigation database and presentation software.

Eventually, I earned a reputation as the go-to paralegal for all things software and technology related. I designed trial presentations, developed training programs and helped trial teams strategize about what technology to use. I was also a certified trainer for two major litigation support software packages.

In 2013, I obtained an Oregon Real Estate Broker’s license and sold real estate. I began using tools like Evernote and LiveBinder, and started helping my colleagues learn how to use them, too. That’s also when I started writing Faces from the Neighborhood, and when things really started to change for me.


Lisa Ratzlaff Owner of Share Your Story Media
Dagger, Corgi jumping over jump
Portland Bike Share at Night
Dagger Playing

Finding My Passion

At some point, I realized I’m just really a kind of creative geek at heart. I also realized I’m passionate about supporting local, small businesses and helping the owners share their stories. Then, I had a blast while moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. When the project was done, I wanted to do more of that kind of work. I wanted to learn more about design and WordPress. It was the work I wanted and was meant to do.

So, I started Share Your Story Media, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I studied WordPress, CSS and html. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. When I discovered this little page builder plugin called Elementor, another whole world opened up. It became the tool for letting my creativity out.

Now, I continue daily to learn more about Design, WordPress, and the coding behind it. Work is like play. I love helping my clients navigate all the decisions and steps required for a well-designed and functional website. As a bonus, I’m honing my skills in storytelling and site building strategy, and get to continue writing my blog. Finally, I’m also always learning and mastering some new software, app or plugin because, well, I thinks it’s fun. I love learning and can’t stop.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in German and a Master of Public Administration.

Veronica Flinn

Graphic Designer| Illustrator

I have partnered with Veronica Flinn to offer you branding services along with my website services.

Veronica believes good design goes beyond aesthetics. It speaks to its audience without words. It conveys large ideas through shape and color.

Veronica works every day to clarify that meaning through simple effective design, well–crafted and intentional. Her love and background in drawing informs her practice.

Veronica Flinn Logo


Sidekick | Muse

Dagger, my beloved Cardigan Corgi, is my constant companion and a key member of my creative team. He sits in my office while I work and keeps me smiling, even when the days are dark and gray.

Dagger is surprisingly talented, a bit nosy, and deliriously happy. Somehow, Dagger gets involved in a lot of his own gigs, like running agility. In fact, Dagger insists on tagging along when I go out (he doesn’t always succeed). His presence inspires me for many of my stories and ideas.

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