Tell Your Story. Establish Your Expertise.

Show off your expertise and establish trust with your audience with effective and engaging content marketing.

But, lots of us don’t like to write. There’s new technology to use. Often, we don’t know how to come up with an effective strategy. Or, we just simply don’t have the time.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You've thought about content marketing, but you don't know where to start.
  • You're feeling stuck putting together a solid strategy for your business and website.
  • You're feeling intimidated by email marketing software.
  • You stress about writing your content because you don't know what to write.
  • You worry if your content is too pushy or if you're not selling yourself enough.
  • You just don't have time to implement your content marketing.

Relax. I've got your back.

I’ve put together a set of content marketing services to help you put it all together.

Email Marketing

Automate your content marketing with ease.

Content Creation

Get help writing and making your content shine.

Lead Generation

Marketing funnels to nurture and qualify your leads.

Email Marketing Services

Turn Your Audience Into Loyal Fans

Deliver Value To Your Audience

Email marketing is more than just sending newsletters and sending promotions.

Emails are great way to start building a relationship with your leads. You can educate and nurture them. When you deliver valuable content through your emails, you’re starting the know, like and trust process.

Engage With Your Clients

Use automated email sequences to provide additional value to your clients, after you finish the project or close the sale!

Use email marketing in creative ways to continue your relationship with your happy clients and turn them into repeat clients!

Automate Your Email Marketing With Ease

Choose the right email marketing platform for your business. Get help setting it up, creating your emails, and scheduling  your automated emails sequences.

Email Marketing Pricing

Content Creation Services

Is creating your content holding up your project

Does the mere thought of writing content give you the jitters?

Are you spending too much time staring at your screen and not writing?

Content creation doesn’t have to be this hard.

Easily Gather Your Ideas

Complete a series of guided worksheets to help you zero in on what to say without worrying about what it sounds like.

Sit Back While I Work

Watch your ideas come to life. I'll take what you've written and transform it into engaging content.

Publish With Confidence

We'll work together to get the words just right so they reflect who you are and establish your expertise.

Content Creation Pricing

Lead Generation Systems

Every Business Needs Leads

Attract the Right Leads For Your Business

Let’s create an automated system to attract, educate and qualify leads right from your website. Once it’s set up you, it does the work for you. 

A properly designed system delivers something valuable to your potential clients. There’s no pushy sales pitch or uncomfortable phone calls. Your site visitors sign up voluntarily to get the information you’re providing. 

Your system will deliver a series of follow up emails to provide additional valuable information. This email series will build trust with your leads, and start to establish you as the person who can help.

It Works On Auto-Pilot

The lead generation system on your website works in tandem with your email marketing platform.  Once someone signs up to get your item of value, your email marketing platform does all of the work. 

Build and Track Your Pipeline

As you build trust with the leads in your marketing system, you’re building your pipeline of new clients and business. You will give your leads the opportunity to get to know your services and to qualify themselves for your services. 

By the time of your first personal contact with the lead, your lead is already interested in your services and sees you as the expert to help them.  You won’t have to waste time qualifying the lead, and you’ll have a greater chance of working with the lead. 

Easily track the success of your lead generation system and make adjustments to improve its performance.

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