Attract Better Leads to Your Business

Let’s create a streamlined lead generation system to attract, educate and qualify leads from your website. 

Would you like a marketing system that helps you?

A Simple Framework for Better Leads

An automated lead generation system that helps you bring targeted and engaged leads to your business.

Deliver Value

Deliver valuable content that educates and nurtures your potential clients.

Build Trust

Establish yourself as a trusted adviser and as the person who can help your potential clients.

Track Your Success

Easily track your success and make adjustments to improve performance.

Email Magnet

Attract Potential Clients

A properly designed system delivers something valuable to educate your potential clients that they want to receive. 

There’s no pushy sales pitches or uncomfortable phone calls. Your site visitors sign up voluntarily to get the information you’re providing.

Save Time With Automation

Once someone signs up to get your item of value, your email marketing platform sends the item of value automatically.

Your system delivers a series of follow up emails to provide additional valuable information, which builds trust with your leads, and establishes you as the person who can help.

Woman holding cog wheels

Nurture and Qualify Your Leads

You’re now building a pipeline of new business, while giving your leads the opportunity to get to know your services and to qualify themselves for your services.

By the time of your first personal contact with the lead, your lead is already interested in your services. You won’t have to qualify the lead, and you’ll have a greater chance of working with the lead.

Start With A Project Road Map

A simple process for planning the best lead generation system for your business.

The Project Road Map includes everything you need to get started.

Strategy Session

We’ll meet virtually to discuss your business and your core offer to your clients. 

I’ll listen and ask you questions to drill down into the specifics of your business, so we understand what problems your customers have and how you help solve these problems.

Project Plan

After the Discovery Meeting, I’ll put together a Project Plan that details your new lead generation system. 

It will outline the requirements and goals for your system. Use this with your System Map to create your lead generation system.


System Map

The System Map is a visual overview of your new lead generation system. It shows you how all of the elements of the system fit together.

Use The System Map with your Project Plan as checklist for the creating the lead generation system.

Road Map Review Meeting

We’ll meet again briefly virtually to go over the Project Plan and System Map to make sure you understand it.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the system and to learn more about how to build your lead generation system.

Get Your Project Road Map for $399

Is The Project Road Map Right For You?

It's Simple to Get Started


Schedule an Introductory Call

Pick a time you’d like to talk and complete a simple project request form to schedule your FREE introductory call. 

During our call, we’ll talk briefly so I can learn about your business and you can ask questions about the Project Road Map and how we’ll work together.  

At the end of our call, I’ll send you a proposal and invoice for the Project Road Map. 


Strategy Session

Once you accept the proposal and pay the invoice, we’ll schedule your Strategy Session. I will send you a more in depth work sheet prior to our strategy session. This work sheet will help you start thinking about the ideas and strategy we’ll discuss during the Strategy Session.


Road Map Review

After our Strategy Session, I will put together your Project Road Map and send it to you. We’ll also schedule your Road Map Review Meeting so we can go over your Project Road Map together and answer any questions you might have.

The Project Road Map is yours to keep, whether you work with me or not to develop and design your lead generation system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a Strategy Session?

Every good system starts with a plan. Your Strategy Session lets us take a deep dive into your business and your services. 

From here, I can help you plan out the best lead generation system that suits your business and your target audience.

Do I need to work with you afterwards?

No, you have no obligation to work with me to build your lead generation system. 

If you decide that you would like to work with another company or do it yourself, then you’re more than welcome to do this. The Planning Document and System Map will help you understand what you need.

What is a System Map?

The System Map is a visual overview of your new lead generation system. It provides you with an ‘at a glance’ overview of how all of the elements of the system fit together. 

The System Map can be used in with the Planning Document as a checklist for the creation of the lead generation system.

What are your prices to build a lead generation system?

While project costs vary depending on the needs of your business, packages start at around $199 per month, with a 12 month commitment. 

These packages include development of the elements of the system, including sales and landing pages, content upgrades, content marketing strategy, email marketing platform setup, and quarterly system performance reviews. 

Are You Ready For A Better Lead Generation System?

Schedule your free introductory call to get started with your own Project Road Map for a better lead generation system for your business.

Project Road Map Pricing

$ 399
  • Strategy Session
  • Project Plan
  • System Map
  • Road Map Review