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Do you have awesome plans for your website but just can’t get them done?

It’s okay. 

Building your website is hard work, and takes some technical and design savvy. And you’ve got a lot on your plate.

You’d much rather spend your time helping your clients than tinkering around with your website.

You’ve also got a busy business to run, and you really don’t want to waste your energy with a long and complicated website project.

With a WP Guru Day you can:

Adding to check list

You're Trying To Do Too Much

Your to-do list just keeps growing. As soon as you cross something off of your list, two more items get added.

You think you're going to find a better way to manage your time so you can get through that list, but reality is that the list just isn't getting any shorter.

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So Now You're Stuck

Overwhelm paralysis might be setting in. You feel like you're spinning your wheels with your website because you don't know what to tackle first or how to start.

You may even feel a little guilty about not getting things done, and you're worried you'll never get your plans off the ground.

Even worse, you could be losing faith in yourself, which is making it even more difficult to get things done.

So let me ask you this . . .

What if you could get things done in a few days?

What if you could follow a simple process to finish your project?

What would that be worth?

Book A Guru Day And Move Forward

I started Book A Guru Day to get you back on track.

I used to be the ultimate DIYer. But then I realized my time is valuable, and at some point I was actually losing time and money working that way.

And now I want to help you get out of that trap.

What Can You Do With Guru Days?

Things we can get done with 1 – 3 days.

Add New Features

Add plugins or integrations with third-party applications.

Add Pages

Add new pages to your website and launch that new service.

Get Training

Learn how to make basic updates to your website.

Website Improvements

Get technical and design help to improve your site performance.

Finish a To-Do List

Complete that list of items to fix, add or update on your website.

I specialize in Elementor, Bricks Builder and GenerateBlocks for WordPress.

What Does Each Guru Day Cost?

Pricing is simple.  You just pay for each day you book.

The price includes my dedicated time on your booked Guru Day. It also includes prep time and revisions and support.

Full Day Pricing

$ 750
  • Kick Off Call
  • Research and Prep
  • 6 Hours on Guru Day
  • 1 Hour Revisions
  • 14 Days Support

Half Day Pricing

$ 475
  • Kick Off Call
  • Research and Prep
  • 3 Hours on Guru Day
  • 1 Hour Revisions
  • 14 Days Support

It's Easy To Get Started

STEP ONE - Book A Call

Pick a time you'd like to talk and complete a simple form to schedule your free introductory call. During our call, we'll discuss your project and what we can get done, and how many Guru Days you need.

STEP TWO - Complete A Project Questionnaire

Fill out a simple worksheet with the details of your project and upload all the information I need for your Guru Day.

STEP THREE - Schedule Your Guru Day

We'll schedule your Guru Day (or days) for a date when you can be available to answer any questions I have during your day. Then, sit back and relax while I finish your project!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much work can we do in one day?

We'll discuss your project during our intro call, and I can let you know what I think we can get done. You can book additional days if needed.

Can I book more than one day?

Yes! You can book extra days. However, they will not necessarily be scheduled consecutive days or in the same week.

What happens if you don't finish my project in one day?

I will do my best to complete your project on your Guru Day.

If there are unexpected issues or delays, or if I can't reach you to get questions answered, you may need to book more time to finish your project.

Do I get a chance to review the project after my Guru Day?

Yes! You will have one week to review my work and to provide revisions.

 Your Guru Day includes 1 hour of revisions. If the revisions take more than 1 hour, you will need to schedule additional time to complete the revisions.

Get UnStuck and Book Your Guru Day

What are you waiting for?

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