Web Design Day Rates

Book me by the day for your small website projects

Do you have awesome plans for your website, but you just cant get them done?

My web design day rates are a flexible way to finish your website to-do list.

Adding to check list

Are you spinning your wheels with your web design project?

It’s okay.

Building your website is hard work, and takes some technical and design savvy. And you’ve got a lot on your plate.

You’d much rather spend your time helping your clients than tinkering around with your website.

You’ve also got a busy business to run, and you really don’t want to waste your energy with a long and complicated website project

Web design day rates help you:

What can you do with Web Design Day rates?

Web design day rates are perfect for your smaller website projects.  Day rates work best for projects that take 1 – 3 days to complete.

Website monitor with data chargs

Website improvements

Get technical and design help to improve your website’s performance and SEO. 

Finish a to-do list

Complete a list of items to fix or update on your website. 

Girl With Check Box
Characters building a website

Add pages and templates

Add new pages or design templates to your website and launch that new service.

Get training and consulting

Work with a consultant and guide to develop website strategy or learn new skills. 

How web design day rates work

We’ll use a simple to schedule your work.

Step One

Complete a questionnaire about your goals and pick a time for a free consult call.

Step Two

After signing up, complete a project worksheet with all the details about your project.

Step Three

Select convenient days for your booked days, and relax as I complete your website project.

Web Design Day Rate Pricing

Pricing includes a kickoff call, my dedicated time on your day(s), preparation time, and support.

Book a Full Day

I'll dedicate one full work day to your project. You can stack multiple day rates together for larger projects.

Is a full day right for you? Sample projects include:

Full Day Rate

$ 750
  • Kickoff Call
  • Research and Prep
  • 6 Hours on Booked Day
  • 1 Hour Revisions
  • 14 Days Support

Book a Half Day

I'll dedicate one-half a work day to your project. If your project needs more time, just book a full day.

Is a half day right for you? Sample projects include:

Half Day Rate

$ 475
  • Kickoff Call
  • Research and Prep
  • 3 Hours on Booked Day
  • 1 Hour Revisions
  • 14 Days Support

Another Happy Client

"Lisa has an incredible onboarding and project management process that is easy to use and keeps work moving forward - she makes communication easy. And she knows her technologies."
Liz G.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much work can we do in a day?

We’ll discuss your project during our intro call, and I can let you know what I think we can get done. You can book additional days if needed.

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