Smarter Websites Without the Hassle

I want you to succeed with a website that makes you stand out and shares what you’re about. 

I want you to spend your time doing what you love instead of running your website.

As your website partner, my goals are simple.


Offer a simple process to create a successful website that's easy to use and easy to manage.


Deliver a professional website and strategy designed to market you and grow your business.


Efficiently manage your project, respond timely to your questions, and take the time to listen.

Values That Guide My Work

Websites Should Work

You spend time and money on your website. It should work and help you achieve your goals.

Own Your Website

Your website belongs to you, not your web designer or site building app. You should always have access to it.

Privacy Matters

I do not collect your personal data for advertising without your permission. Read my privacy policy.

Design with Empathy

Good design starts with thinking about the people who will use your design, and how they will use it.

Value Your Time

Time is our most precious asset. Once spent, we don't get it back. Use your time to honor yourself and others.

Trust Your Expertise

You've learned your craft with diligence and practice. Share what you know to help others succeed.

The Back Story

This journey began when I started writing my blog Faces from the Neighborhood. I saw faces light up as people told me their stories. I learned of valuable connections made simply by sharing stories.

But most importantly, I watched a community grow between the people I interviewed, my readers, and me. 

I fell in love with these stories and helping local business owners get the word out about what they do.

Then, I had a blast moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I wasn’t totally surprised by that because I have a history of loving and working with technology.

But I also discovered a creativity and passion burning inside me. I loved storytelling and playing around with WordPress. 

A light turned on inside. How could I combine my passion for stories and creative geekiness into my work?

Finding My Passion

So, I started Share Your Story Media, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I studied design, CSS and html. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. Another whole world opened up. Web design became the path for letting my creativity out. 

It is the work I am meant to do.

A Little About Me

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my beloved Corgi, Dagger. 

I love exploring the city by bike and by foot, and learning what each neighborhood has to offer. I also love meeting the people who live and work here.

I continue daily to learn more about design, WordPress, and the coding behind it. Work is like play.  I love designing, and getting to know my clients, and I can’t stop.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Ratzlaff

Lisa Ratzlaff Owner of Share Your Story Media
Dagger Jumping
Portland Bike Share at Night
Dagger Playing

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