The Power of Your Story

I believe we all have valuable stories to share, and that amazing things happen when we begin to share our stories.

How Does It Work?

  • First, as you begin to share your story, you start to believe in yourself. Simply putting your story to words triggers confidence inside you.
  • Second, sharing your story invites your audience to connect with you in a personal way. This creates trust and provides the personal connection your audience seeks.
  • Third, as you start listening to the stories around you, you create a circle of mutual understanding.
  • Finally, all of this works together to build a community that supports you and your work, while also supporting the community at-large.

Set Your Story Free

I’ve witnessed the power of storytelling while sharing stories on my blog Faces from the Neighborhood. I’ve seen faces light up as people tell me their stories. Then, they make connections simply by sharing their stories. But most importantly, I’ve watched a community grow between the people I’ve interviewed, my readers, and me. This community has changed my life, and I’m sure has impacted others as well.

I want to empower freelancers and professionals to share their stories online, so they can build and enhance their communities. However, we often get stuck when trying to share our stories online. We may not understand the technology, or have the time or desire to learn it. Or, we may not know where to start telling our stories. Finally, many of us have limited resources for help. I want to make it as easy possible for you to share your story.

WordPress Simplified

I help you get unstuck by offering affordable WordPress site building and training services designed to save you time and simplify the site building process. 

I want you to share your passion and experience the power of your story.

Let Your Story Do the Talking

Lisa Ratzlaff  
Site Designer|WordPress Coach|Storyteller

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