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About Faces from the Neighborhood Site Redesign

This is the third iteration of this website! Faces from the Neighborhood began back in 2013 on Blogger, no less. Then, 18 months or so later I moved the blog over to WordPress.

In 2024, it was time for another facelift! The blog sat dormant for a few years, and when I decided to start writing stories again, I knew I needed to give the website a fresh look. 

Faces from the Neighborhood website mockup with multiple devices

This time, I built the website with Bricks Builder, Automatic CSS, and Frames. Designing and building this website was a creative journey, in much the same way writing the articles is. I had a vision in my mind how I wanted it to look, and I kind of just let the creation take place as I worked.

That may not necessarily be the approach I would take with a client project, but it was perfect for this project. First, this project is my passion project, so I wanted the website to reflect that and speak from my heart.

Second, it is fun to sometimes just let your creativity go and see where it ends up. Because this is a personal project, I had the freedom to just see what happened with the design.

Building the website with Bricks Builder and ACSS and Frames was an absolute joy! I am looking forward to my next project using this tool stack. The opportunities and flexibility they offer are endless, and the end result is clean code and a maintainable website.

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