Guide to Online Reviews with Stars
Tutorials For Your Next Project

A Busy Professional’s Guide to Online Reviews

Are you wishing you had more and better online reviews, but you’re not sure where to start or how to find the time to manage them? This guide is for you! I know, as a busy professional, taking care of our online reviews seems to get put on the back burner because other work seems more important. Also, it can feel awkward to ask for online reviews, so we just don’t ask.

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Insights from a Solopreneur

The Trouble With Overnight Success Stories

Overnight success stories are popular. We tend to think they’re great motivators. But, do overnight success stories really motivate us or can they discourage us instead? Do they represent a false reality, a false hope, or just braggadocio? I know I’m not supposed to ask this question out loud, but I think it’s worth talking about.

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