How to Tell Your Buyer’s Story

I believe your website is the perfect place to tell stories. By seeing your buyer's journey as a story, you can deliver your message and your value in the same way our favorite stories connect with us. It’s almost like giving a gift to your audience - inviting them in to connect with you.


Build A Smart Website for Growth

You know how you used to use the Yellow Pages to find businesses? Now, you turn to Google. You know you need a website, but is it working for you? Learn how to build a smart website designed for growth.


News Services Line Up to Simplify WordPress

I started Share Your Story Media to empower very small business owners and independent professionals to share their stories on line by making it easy and affordable to get a website up and running.  After being in business for awhile now, I've noticed a few places where my clients get stuck. I decided to change that.

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