Internicola Coaching Website Redesign

Redesigning the Website for Internicola Coaching

The Problem

Donna Internicola of Internicola Coaching came to me because, as she said, she didn’t like looking at her website. In reality, the original design was mostly a bit out dated and needed a refresh.

I believe Donna was also unhappy with her website because she was unsure how to write her content and design her site so that it appealed to her client base. And, she just didn’t know how to use it and maintain it.

The Solution

Donna and I worked together to create a mood and feel for the site that matched her business and her style. I helped her look at her written content from her clients’ point of view and how she solves their problems. This approach helped Donna rewrite the content for her site.

Donna Internicola Mockup

Finally, we moved her website to a web host that’s much simpler for her to use and to manage.

We sat down for a training session, and I gave her training videos inside her WordPress dashboard to help her when she’s writing new blog posts.  Now, she’s confident enough to add more useful blogs to her site.

The End Result

Donna couldn’t be happier!

Lisa is both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She took my website from something that was mediocre at best to something I am proud to call my own. She presented design options, explained how a website isn’t about me – but my clients, formulated a template to help me through my writing process (it’s so difficult to talk about ourselves!) and was patient whenever I hit my own roadblocks (which were many.) She was quick to respond to questions and stayed involved every step of the way. I love my new web page and will be relying on Lisa to maintain security and more as we move forward. I am most pleased!

Donna, Internicola Coaching

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